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Our Modest Advertising Rates

A Text link on the Manufacturer's page is $25.00 per year

A thumbnail image link 150x250px max in
 the right side margin--------------------------------->
which is visible regardless of which page is being viewed is $240.00 per year.


A thumbnail image link 160x250px max in the left side
margin below the menu buttons which is always visible regardless of which page is being viewed is $200.00 per year.

A banner ad on any of the central pages dimensions of your banner (which you supply) should be no more than 250X180 pixels. Is $180.00 per year.

A listing in our Job section is very reasonable at $6.00 for a two month ad, if your ad is not successful we will re-list the SAME (no changes) ad for a further two months at no charge.

 For those of you who have a free listing with us and offer services in more than one city or state. You can have additional lisings for only $4.00 per listing. This simply covers our cost of insertion.

Use the Paypal button below and simply place the amount of listing you want in the quantity field on the Paypal form the form will total it automatically. HST is included for Canadian customers.

Please contact us and an official invoice will be provided once your payment is received.

Note: Tax is included for Canadians



This image is 250px wide by 152px high and is "linked"

Operators, Upgrade your FREE link listing. For only $12.00 per year we will bold and colour your link.